Tips on Becoming a More Productive Wife

I Missed It 

After several years, I had realized that I had taken my husband for granted. I felt that I hadn’t been a productive wife.

When I was pregnant (all 5 times) my husband did everything for me. I remember when I was working he would take the initiative to cook and clean because he knew how hard pregnancy was for me.

He would even keep the children quite while I napped (brownie points). He would have my bath water ran upon my arrival at home from work. I mean, I couldn’t ask for a better husband.

When I became a stay at home mom  I found myself not as willing to do those same things my husband did for me.

I noticed that the only thing I did was have his lunch packed for work. I wanted to do better.

As wives, we are to be a help to our husbands. It is our unique responsibility, and to have joy in our marriages while doing it.

Help Defined

According to the Merriam-Webster, help is defined as:

  • to give assistance or support to
  • to make more pleasant or bearable
  • to be of some use to
  • to serve with food or drink especially at a meal
  • to give assistance or support
  • to benefit

Another dictionary meaning is “One who helps is one who brings out the best in another by their assistance. ”

Just as in the bible, in Genesis, God wanted Adam and Eve to enjoy companionship and to become one flesh.

So when men and women get married they look to one another for this. They leave their parent’s to cleave as adhering to one another in affection, duty, and fidelity.

Then they mold their lives together to become that one flesh on a continuous basis. I wanted to make sure my husband and I were on the same page.

Since I knew my husband was working for his family I wanted to be more productive as a wife. Especially since working third shift is hard on anyone’s body.

So I thought about some ways to try to accomplish this and came up with these:

Productive Wife Tips

  1. I set aside time everyday to talk with my husband, ask him about his day, or if there is anything I can do for him.
  2. I ask if we can work out together, lift some weights, or jump rope. We are all about physical health.
  3. I show him my appreciation for providing for his family and I’m thankful for everything he does.
  4. I tell him to go hang out with the guys and have some “man time”- everyone deserves personal time.
  5. I compliment him on his strengths- I tell him how sexy he is. I remind him of how strong he is. (My husband has actually picked me and all our five children up at the same time, lol) .
  6. I try to stay happy and positive. I wouldn’t be a blessing to him to be constantly nagging or bombarding him with a list of things to do when he arrives home coming through the door.
  7. Instead of letting my partial OCD get the best of me and making me go crazy wild when someone doesn’t put an item back EXACTLY how they found it, I just redo it. I found that I was getting stressed over nothing major and causing it too.

Changing little things in your marriage could cause a major upgrade in happiness.

Marriage life can get complicated. But spouses are to work together as a team.

As wives and spouses, we want to be supportive.

We want to be a productive wife for our husbands.

To making our marriages easier……