Maintaining a Successful Marriage

What is a “Successful” Marriage?


The definition of a successful marriage will probably vary greatly amongst different people. For me, here are some of the qualities I consider successful in marriage:

Still being “in love” with one another
Treating each other with dignity and respect
Encountering difficulties and challenges, and getting through them
Being a compliment to each other
Accepting each other’s shortcomings or qualities that we don’t like
Being a positive force in each of our lives
Having a very high level of trust
Maintaining an awesome sex life
Successful Parenting
Good communication


Successful marriage


I like to think of a successful marriage like a mirror. There are 4 actions to take when it has been broken:

  • Rebound
  • Recover
  • Renew
  • Repeat

Rebounding consists of gathering the pieces together.

Recover is when you have assembled the pieces back together.

Renew happens by gluing the mirror pieces back together. Then reinforcing it with a frame so that the weakened pieces don’t fall apart.

Repeat is you starting all over from the beginning as if the mirror breaks.

Now unfortunately,  sometimes when a mirror breaks it is unrepairable and you just have to get rid of it and let it go.

That’s how I think of a marriage; strong when bought new but can become fragile over time through wear and tear.

Well….What do Successful Couples Do?

Successful couples read books, attend seminars, and  observe other successful couples. They also will tell you they learn from their own experiences, trial and error.

Successful couples also know the importance of just being there. They are there for the good times and equally so when times get tough. They are there for each other. Over time the stress will decline and they are able to get past the challenges.

They bring back their happiness when it has been lost. Life happens, we get upset, and become unhappy.  Successful couples do things to pull their happiness back in order.

Smart couples learn to take different approaches.  If you keep doing the same thing you will get the same results.  So changing your attitude or action can make a huge difference in your marriage.

If you know your marriage is a success, comment below and tell us your story.

Why do you define your marriage a success?

My hope is that over time, we will have a plethora of successful stories that we can all use to make our relationships more successful.