Self Motivation | Reasons You Should be Talking about It

Self Motivation: What is it for You?

First, let’s define what self motivation is? Self motivation is the ability to do what needs to be done without influence from others. It is the act or process of giving oneself a reason for doing something, even challenging, without giving up.

Today I was in a training class and was asked what was my motivation. Why I do what I do. Who or what pushes me? What force drives my desire to do things?

I listened to several people tell of their car accidents. One person had their foot amputated and was depressed for two years until she found her love. The other, who had head trauma, said his motivation was to keep a sound mind and let it not go to waste.

My Motivation

So, I sat and thought and I came up with my why. My motivation is my family. It’s my five children and my husband. After I wake up every morning I am motivated to thank God first for allowing us to see a new day, keeping us healthy, and being our sufficiency. I try my best to show my children there is no giving up. That no matter what they put their mind to, coupled with dedication and leg work, that anything is possible. That’s what I want them to see.

When I am in motivation mode it is not me lying around the house all day. It’s me pounding the pavement. My motivation is the number one element in me setting and attaining my goals.

I have five little people. My husband and I wanted a big family. He works outside the home. I work from home and I blog. My motivation allows me to make it to all of my children’s events. I want to actually see my children grow up instead of letting life pass me by and wondering about what I missed.

Get Your Motivation 

What is your motivation? Is it your children? Is it that you have had some type of challenges in your life? What drives you? Are your goals realistic? Take a moment to think about it. Gather your thoughts.

Are you motivated by the need to study harder to get a better grade? Or do you work in corporate America and you are the first and last face your boss and coworkers see because that promotion is what motivates you?

How do you get motivated?

  1. Quit babbling about how tired you are. Drink green tea. There is only so much time in a day. Start planning your schedule accordingly.
  2. Exercise for 30mins. Do yoga. Get the blood pumping and your oxygen flowing.
  3. Turn off the tv. Log out of all social networks and put your phone on silent and lay it away from you.
  4. Take a hot shower.
  5. Put on your favorite music playlist.
  6. Envision how you will feel after the task is complete.

This short list will help you in finding motivation every day.

No motivation equals failure


“You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.”

George Horace Lorimer

So get moving. Find your motivation so you can get to doing the activities that matter most in your life. Start a morning routine. Memorize a bible verse or even a quote to kick-start your day. Meditate. Whatever you do, make sure you are consistent.

Let your motivation drive you…….

(If you require more meat on this subject you can look for life changing self-motivation books on the web. You can also search for some self-help motivational books. However, I do believe that this list will send you in the right direction.)