How to Start Your Own Blog in 6 Steps

How to Start a Blog in 6 Steps

The keys in knowing how to start your own blog is simple. You just have to be passionate about your niche, which is essentially your topic. Just have fun with it.


Why start a blog?

  1. Well if you enjoy writing you can share your story and experiences.
  2. To get exposure be it from a lot of people or a business.
  3. Acquire new friends. Lots of bloggers gain new-found friendship after blogging.
  4. Making money while in the comfort of your home. You can set yourself up to a full-time income over time.
Many people just start blogging then find that there are other people who are also interested in their topic. That’s when you start to gain an audience.  You can also get an audience by setting up a sign up form which I will discuss later.

Learn how to create a blog in about 20 minutes following these steps:

  1. Pick a blog name
  2. Choosing a blog platform
  3. Find a host
  4. Customize your blog
  5. Write & publish your first post!
  6. Promote your blog

Step 1: Finding a good blog name and topic is the first step.

Find a niche that is something you care deeply about or want to find out more information.

Blog about something you enjoy, life experiences, or a hobby.

The key is to find a need. What issues are people having? What answers are they trying to find?  By answering these questions will help you figure out what your content should be about.

how to start your own blog

Step 2: Choosing blog platform

There are many services you can use that are not expensive.  Some are even free but you will be limited.

Here are a few platforms:

  1. Tumblr
  2. WordPress
  3. Blogger
  4. Squarespace

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms.

Because of the ease of use with WordPress, I use it myself. I can customize my blog with a few clicks. It functions well and there are a sea of people who share great ideas and are very helpful.

Step 3: You must have a blog host to get your blog online for the world to see.

A host stores your file so when the user types in your blog name your post or page will be delivered to them.

Here are a few Web hosts:

  1. Blue host
  2. Dream host
  3. Siteground
  4. HostGator

Step 4: Customize Your Blog

If you choose WordPress you can choose a theme. A theme determines the overall layout and look of your blog. There are thousands of themes that you can choose from to customize and make your own. There are also premium themes that cost. If you are just starting a blog I would advise you to start off with advice free theme. Then you can choose to upgrade later.

Step 5: Write and Publish Your 1st Post

Now that your blog is up and running you can start publishing your content for the world to see. Depending on your topic, you may not get a lot of views at first. But with consistent content (at least 2 posts per week) your audience will grow.

starting a blog

Step 6: Promote Your Blog

Post your urls to your Facebook page. Ask your friends to share the link. You can also share it in forums that are closely related to your niche. Just be patient.

After you have gotten a decent amount of an audience,  you can start to make money from your blog by:

1: Getting Affiliates

2: Writing Sponsored Posts

3: Advertising companies paying you to post ads on your blog

Some money-making strategies can be started as soon as you start your blog. For others, you may have to have a certain amount of followers or traffic to your site.

Whatever your reason to start a blog just remember to have fun. Your traffic will follow.