Most Common Reasons Marriages Lead to Divorce

   Are you Headed for Divorce? Pre Divorce Help

Divorce paper cut

Are you that couple who has the perfect marriage and surpassed the both of your expectations? Well, let me tell you, my friend,  that you are among the few. However, all lowered expectations do not always lead to divorce.

As I look around my circle I notice that marriages have grown fewer.

When we first start out looking for a spouse, we want what matters most to us (i.e.) :

  1. Having the same moral and religious beliefs
  2. Education
  3. Steady Job
  4. Similar ideas about having and raising children

Yet, as marriages progress, some of these ideas may fade. We start to find ourselves in different positions; sometimes the same circumstances that brought you together has now torn you apart. Instead of being for one another we are against each other. We then find ourselves living among these:

Separation- divorce

most common reasons for divorce:

  • Religion
  • Declining Sexual Occurrences
  • Finances
  • Communication
  • Focus shift i.e career, children (feel loss of attention and may feel like roommates)
  • Appreciation
  • Emotional Detachment
  • Trust
  • Anger control
  • Technology Interference

I’ve found myself in this pool of foolishness. My husband and I had financial woes after baby number 3.  I’ve even felt unappreciated. Still, I wanted my marriage to remain alive. I took action. I went and got a job speedily so he wouldn’t feel like he had a burden on his shoulders alone. Since communication is key, I verbalized my concerns to my husband and he was open to reproof. We both were.

You cannot go talk to anyone looking for marital problems advice.

Aim for Execution 

If we come together with our efforts and fight for our marriages, we can stomp the divorce rate. Marriages can last longer. Couples should try to work their issues out. (Not all problems can be resolved). It’s not too late. It’s better now than never to correct your mistakes. Talk to one another. Go to marriage counseling, if necessary. These problems can be resurrected. Think back to why you fell in love. Learn how to listen to one another again. Talk to each other more. Strive to connect again.

In the end it’s about survival of the fittest. What will you do to survive your marriage?

My goal is to:

Help women be ROCKSTAR women, mom’s, and wives.

And to

Help men be AWE-INSPIRING men, husbands,  and fathers.