About Me

Howdy Great People! 

My name is Constance. I am married and have five awesome little people who keep me busy.

This mommy here is a full-time blogger for my blog called Such a Mommy. I guess you have arrived to my page because you want to learn how to be a better mommy or spouse.

This blog was launched because being a mommy and parent has its challenges and can also affect our marriages; so I want to invite you to not only be a better mommy but to also empower you to be a better wife.

Some things about me:

  1.  My house is never as clean as I would prefer. I have five little people  (3 girls and 2 boys) so my house always looks like a playland.
  2. I actually love to cook. I’m talking made from scratch meals. I love finding new recipes.
  3. I’m very adventurous.  I like trying new things. Last year I went to the Bahamas with my sister and got on a banana boat with just the two of us. Can you say no balance. Long story short, I had to wave down the boat driver to stop because I was falling off and couldn’t manage the one hour boat tour. So I finished the tour inside the boat. Little embarrassing….
  4. I review products. It’s fun and I get what I need for mostly free. Sometimes packages I knew nothing about just show up at my door to review. My children loves to open the boxes and packages.