Begin Here

Hi, I’m Constance!

I know we all strive for perfection but it is obsolete. That’s why I have created this page so that we can encourage each other and be inspired.

I have learned that life isn’t all fancy fairy tales. There is the good and the bad and everything in between.

I try to keep it 100. Real. Honest. How it is. So forgive me if I throw in TMI. Don’t get offended.

I want you to be comfortable. Like we are old high school friends laughing away at old throw back pictures of us with braces and glasses. (FYI, I did wear glasses but quickly switched to contacts, lol).

My ultimate goal is for you to have a more than abundant marriage and life. I believe that marriage should be a priority.

We choose to love our spouses. This should be unconditionally.

I’m here to help get our marriages and lives back to where we started. The beginning.

Do you ever feel confused about your role as a wife and mommy?


I know I do!

I sometimes question my role as a wife and even if putting my children in timeout is best.

That’s why I started this blog. I believe that marriage is a never-ending progression.

And being a mother has no perfection.

I think that, for myself, there is always room for advancement.

Even though we may think we are failures as spouses and parents, I am here to tell you we are not.

Here is where I want to create marriage enhancement and resources. I also believe we can help each other be better wives, spouses, and parents.

We can all encourage and inspire one another.

To being better than awesome…..